Oh blog, how I have forsaken you.

There’s far to many dumb excuses as to why I haven’t written in such a long time.  Most of my reasons are more about my ever changing take on life and redefining how I address the world around me.  Don’t worry, nothing life shattering or even controversial (although I suppose that would be fun), nope, it’s more about just looking at the world and not dividing myself up anymore.  I have 11 incomplete draft posts awaiting me and close to 100 “starred” items in my Google Reader to blog about.  So it isn’t a lack of ideas or content, it’s been simply a break to observe.

One of the repeating things in my life that causes me to pause my blogging is how wrapped up I can get in what people may or may not think about what I write me, since my friends come from all sides, from neo-conservative, to neo-liberal sometimes I find myself trying to please everyone… The funny thing is, it just makes my posts long-winded… and not much else. In the end I realize I just need to speak my peace, not be concerned with pleasing people, but instead I want to engage and encourage.  If I need to bring clarity to something, I will… in time, if I feel something isn’t represented well enough.

Yup, I think that’s what I want to say – meh… if not… people will figure it out over time.