Remembering authenticity

It is easy to get caught up in the ups and downs of life.  Making sure the details are done, that things are communicated, it could go on forever, trying to make all the pieces of life come together.  While getting the pieces in order are important, I hope I never neglect relationships because I’m trying make stuff happen.  There are times where things need to get done, but I have made a promise to God, myself, and others that I will put them first, the feeding of a person’s soul is more important, and always will be, than the finishing of projects.  Projects are measurable, people are priceless.

For me to do any ministry with integrity, I must remain authentic to my heart.  If that means approaching someone in confrontation, or being the one to point out the elephant in the room when it wouldn’t be the popular thing to do – than that’s what it means.  But I do it in grace, and with integrity for others in mind, and above all else… I do it while depending on the Holy Spirit to guide the words, the timing, and the love.  It’s hard, but the more I walk in it, the more I see God’s hand and heart for all of humanity.