Online and under the surface

One of the things that I struggle with each time I attempt to post something on here is the idea of “how deep” do I go with my ideas.  It’s more of an internal struggle, for the most part I get positive feedback on my deepest personal posts, but there’s always the fear in the back of my mind that is waiting for the day I get bit by something I write.  I hate “small talk”, I hate being shallow, and I hate feeling stuck to “surface” talk, both online and in real life – which many times keeps me from even going far with new people I meet, or with people at work.  I always feel awkward writing or talking at the surface level… I want to go under the surface.

Then there’s “what’s appropriate” – I have a lot of different ideas, concerning the church, life, and viewpoints on everything around those two subjects.  Some things I feel are safe to write about, other things can be tricky, especially when it comes to items where I could possibly finger point or accidentally (by means of elimination) gossip or spill the beans about someone that shouldn’t/doesn’t need to be spilled.

No matter what I write I always write with the notion of encouraging, challenging, and/or thought provoking – never to separate, split off, or slander another idea and/or tradition.  While at times I may write something that seems out of line, it is most likely me trying to process something and see what the broader community thinks.  In the end I want to love all people, believers of Jesus, and non-believers of Jesus.  I want to challenge both groups into thinking of God both everything we think we know him as, and everything that we don’t yet know.  I believe in the Bible and that it is the truth, but I also believe we can apply that truth differently than we have in years and generations past.

Just a random thought, hopefully to get my brain going on writing some more.  You can be praying that I step out and not worry about what others might think – I can always clarify if there is a misunderstanding.  I hate being misunderstood and that is another thing that blocks me sometimes – fear of being misunderstood… kinda silly when I think about it – God knows my heart, and that’s what matters.