Ultimate love


Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. This is something I’m learning all to well, and it’s not about me waiting but rather for some others. I’ve finally come to peace on the fact no matter how “at peace” and “reconciled” I am about something, I sometimes need everyone else to reach that point on their own.

I tend to regain trust and forgive people quickly, sometimes at a fault, and many times within God’s boundary. However, there are times where as much as I feel things need to move faster, it simply can’t be rushed, my convictions cannot be used to convince others to trust.

Rather my role is to pray, listen, and speak truth of God’s kingdom. Patient endurance is both ugly and beautiful. My heart longs for both reconciliation and healing and sometimes the healing piece takes time to grow so that reconciliation and love can thrive.

The ultimate love is free will without interference.