House cleaning…

Since bringing Emma home our house has kept fairly organized, but it hasn’t been vacuumed at all. If there is one thing that makes me feel like the house is dirty, it’s non-vacuumed carpet… I can see cat hair everywhere, and when you sit on the ground to play with Emma…. well you get all kinds of hair and other interesting things on your clothes….

So, since the vacuuming is my little part of the house stuff, I guess I’ll be doing that before Alexis’ mom and sister come in for the weekend. Nothing like a little external motivation.

Now on facebook

Hello everyone,

I am now on, so much better than MySpace, I never enjoyed being subjected to random pictures of human anatomy. I’m not abandoning this thing at all, in fact, I’m just enhancing this blogs presence by joining facebook. It is here, and here alone where I will write my thoughts, share our stories about Poland and missions, and continue to encourage others.

Our online presence is growing, we’re now on blogger, MySpace, Facebook, and You Tube… Our you tube profile doesn’t have much in it yet, but soon it will have our wedding video, a tour of our place here in Gresham, and when we return, tid bits from our upcoming trip.

So stand by….