Watching people and reflecting…

For the past week I’ve been doing a lot of my work from Starbucks, seeing as I pay for T-Mobile’s web service on my phone and included is there wi-fi hotspots, why not use it? So, with that I’ve been watching people, lots of people. Sometimes somone will come in and God reveals something about that person to me, usually I pray, sometimes I smile, other times it’s a simple nod.

I’m enjoying it, it’s refreshing to be with people and practice listening to God’s heart. It’s encouraging, and it helps focus me on what I may share this week at the Forge. Also, as I mentioned on our other blog, there have been so many other Jesus followers here, every day, multiple times a day, salting I hope. Live. Love. Laugh. That’s what I have learned from sitting at Starbucks for three days.

Hmm… just realized that I referenced I’ll be speaking on Thursday – it came out so natural, without hesitation, in the past I was almost afraid to say anything about speaking – disguised as “not wanting to gloat” – while of course I still don’t want to do that, I am feeling like what I have to share is life nurturing. May there be growth in me? Humility, it’s a tension.