By a friend

This is what I feel

Comfort is so underrated

I’d rather the old comfy love of a friend

than the new fangled lust of a stranger

the hotter you burn, the colder you turn when it’s over

one day you could move a mountain with your feelings,

the next you just want to lay down and die.

and you’ve gained nothing for your pains

not an ounce of support did he lend to you in need

and now he’s gone and you are so glad

yet you’ve lost something of yourself that you needed

Where do you get it back?

who gives you back pieces of yourself?

your friend(s)

plural if your’re lucky

Your friend who’s been there forever

your friend who knows your worst and your best

A friend who will always care

and be there a smile and hug

a comfy love of security and history

you’ve been there for them

they’ll be there for you.

and your friend can give you back your heart

no matter who you gave some of it to,

you gave more to them

and your friend has parts of you that can be replenished

so you’ll both have enough and some to spare

A friend’s love is the love that I want in my life

A friend’s love is better than any relationship and its false promises

a broken stare traded for an open heart

a dirty touch erased by a cleansing hand

A hurt in your soul can be healed by this love

that doesn’t acknowledge barriers or distance

and revels in encouragement

My friend is the one who I will always have

I will always have that comfortable love

that heals and mends and helps me to grow

into the person I was meant to be

far away from all i’ve been through

into a new future of hope

My friend helps me bring along all that is good

and helps me to toss the bad.

So I will cherish this love

the friendship(s) that make life worth it

and i will always want it more than any other thing