Okay, so i’m really bored tonight, but i’m having fun! So I take this “What’s your theme song” test on emode.com and it says that “All Star” by SmashMouth is it… guess what… that’s the song i’ve used in the past for my theme song… I love it! Notice the comment at the top of my comments comes from it… sorta… Anyway here’s what they had to say…

All Star

With your elevated spirit and go-with-the-flow attitude, “All Star” is the theme song for you. It’s the tune that you’re humming when you decide to hop in your car and spend a weekend somewhere you’ve never been. And it’s the song you blare on auto-repeat when you’re getting lost (though you might call it “exploring”) in that same new spot. You know life is sweetest when you live it to its fullest. The risks you take usually pay off, from starting your own business to relocating to another town. You aren’t afraid to hit the brakes and speed off in a new direction. Your friends may scratch their heads and wonder when you’re going to settle down. But you are definitely not your friends. And when exciting opportunities present themselves, “you’ll never know if you don’t go, you’ll never shine if you don’t glow.” You only get one quarter to play this game, and with “All Star” as your inner beat, you’re aiming for high score.

I then take the “Who’s your inner rock star” test and they say…


Oh yeah, the rock star in you is definitely the ultimate bad boy, Eminem. You are a risk taker and a rebel who never sticks to the straight and narrow. Your irrepressible energy means that nothing can keep you down. You and Eminem rise to any challenge, doing and saying the outrageous and shocking whenever you feel like it, and keeping the fans on their toes with your controversial views. Look at it this way: a man like you knows how to find the perfect medium to channel your frustrations with the world. And lo and behold, we can’t get enough of you. Keep your inner Eminem real.

So after that laugh I take it again and get…

Ricky Martin

Que hombre, ay yai yai. The rock star part of you is all Ricky Martin. You’ve got moves that make the ladies hearts go a-flutter, and style that goes for miles. That suave Latin charm is just too intoxicating, and it means that wherever you go, people read superstar all over you. Behind those bright eyes simmers a sensual lover who knows just what a woman wants. You’re smooth, and we mean real smooth, but you don’t let it go to your head (well not too often). And anyway, that irrepressible charm makes it all OK. Hey, it’s not your fault that you’ve got more charisma than a tamale’s got hot. Just enjoy it. Feed your inner Ricky.

And because i’m impossibly bored…. It’s the “What friend are you!” test… 🙂


How you doin’? Your inner Joey Tribbiani wants to know. Like the real Joey, people can feel your presence and red-hot, sex appeal the minute you walk in the room. And your good intentions are never far behind (even if you do let a secret or two slip at the wrong moments). The point is, your honesty and sweet-natured charm can get you out of any situation because you always mean well.

Your hidden strength may just be your tenacity. Did Joey give up acting because Dr. Drake Ramoray was killed off the soap opera? Nope. And even after he failed as Al Pacino’s butt double he didn’t abandon his dreams. So keep that in mind, aim high, and keep being the friend that your friends love having around.