Dear Jesus,

What was it like to be here on earth? What did you really look like? When are you coming back? Why will/do some people refuse to believe of you? I want to know you more! What will it be like to be with you forever? I want everyone to know you even more than I do! Lord, how can I help? Why do we have to do the job? I know that all of these questions can be found in faith and knowledge in your word, but i’m lazy I want to know now! But I will wait, for I understand that paitiance is important. You have given me so much! Why? To worship you is to have the smallest hint of what heaven will be, I want to worship you by my actions, what I say, what produce, in my relationships, I want to not only worship you in song, but in everything else! I want to worship you with my entire life! Only then, will I continue to constantly enjoy you, otherwise the instant I forget my main goal, which is to live for you, and to love others as you do, the world as you designed it will eat me alive. But I have this one last hope, you will never leave me, I can leave you, but you won’t leave me and I believe since I truly believe and follow you with all my heart I can not leave you, why!?!? That would be just stupid.

In your awesome name,