Knowing your love.

I know your love when I’m looking into the eyes of a child. I know your love when I?m looking up at the cosmos. I know your love when I can be content with my life. Your love is the warmth that I feel. Your love is love that can not be broken. Love from you is never ending, never inconsistent and never conditional. Love from you is amazing. Knowing your love is what keeps me sane. Knowing your love helps me with all that I do. Knowing your love is what I love. I hear your love in the voices of people, broken, happy, sad, ill, void of hope, I hear your love if it?s there or not there I hear your love. I see your love in all of your creation, your people, your trees, your grass, your rain, your snow, your everything. With out your love, I don?t know what I would do, I don?t know how I survived before your love. Only with you can I move on now. Only you are love. For me, your love is felt most through worshiping you with my spirit, soul, voice, mind, actions, and emotions.