I have one prayer. I have friends, they need to feel God’s true love, they know God, but they don’t see him in everything. They need to see him; they also need to guard their hearts, not only from the opposite sex, but from the things which hurt. They need to realize that God has taken away those things, they those things can not hurt them again, and they only continue to hurt because they have held onto those things in some way. I also have this same problem, I continue to hold onto these things that hurt, because it is all I know, I did not know the truth, I still continue to turn to those things rather than God. This is why we must always seek to know God and his truth. I ask all of these things in Jesus’ name. Thank you Lord, thank you Friends, thank you to all who pray these things and who also struggle with them. God is good all the time; I want to always seek him, which is my ultimate goal.