Our society makes me sick.

So there I am, sitting in a movie theater watching images of pour souls who are so lost. They have no idea what they are doing to themselves, they know there will be consequences but it?s all they know, they have never seen a good relationship with Christ. The majority of these people in the theater laugh at these things, find them entertaining, normal, and do not see why they are wrong. All I do is find my self getting upset, then I remember okay, this is a movie. I find my self praying, and asking God to just help these people see the consequences for their actions.

I want to scream at the top of my lungs and let these people know that they are loved, that I love them, that there are other people out there, that if they just opened their minds and listened that they could have this same love, we are all human, we all make mistakes but give us a try, or two, or ten, but you will see the love you will receive it. Why do people close their heads up, why do people just want to be left alone, this is so backwards! God I ask for you to give me the opportunities to talk to people, give me the wisdom, and give me the life to help people come closer to you! I am always praying for this? I also pray and ask for you to help me remember things I can use to do this work. Change me Lord to be a servant of yours.

?Catch me if you can? was good; in fact I liked it a lot. It was a good example of how the things in our life can be used for good. Although Frank had bad circumstances in his life he always found something to move ahead, although his means of this were not good, and he used the system and he used people, and he used women. Frank was just a lost soul making it through life the only way he knew, until he was finally given the chance to do it another way, but even then he wanted to revert to the old ways, it was more comfortable. That is where most people mess up, we get to comfortable with our selves, our jobs, our relationships to the point that we become blind and stop looking to better our selves and to grow. But the FBI guy (I forgot his character name, he was played by Tom Hanks) kept a relationship with Frank (which BTW was played by Leonardo DeCaprio), mostly because he had no family, but you see that?s just it, he wanted/needed a relationship and he found it through Frank as his mentor. I think the answer to the age old question of ?what is the meaning of life is?: To have a divine relationship. Until each and ever person makes that relationship, we can not be happy, we can not have peace, we can not have hope.

So I challenge you with this? Never get to comfortable, never settle for anything until you are completely satisfied, never worry about the future though, for if you worry about the future than you will not have peace, always move closer with your relationships get to know your friends, your family, meet their needs as a human. Smile, you never know it may change someone?s day. Compliment people, everyone has something to compliment. Thank people, when they don?t ?deserve? to be thanked by our cultures standards. Don?t be overwhelmed by everything going on around you. Remember God has GOOD plans for you, he will not give you more than you need, but the opposition may. Always strive to get closer to God. Remember to sit still sometimes, listen, do nothing but listen, don?t think.

I leave you with this favor to ask, always challenge me, if I say or do something you don?t agree with, tell me. If I get upset or angry, tell me. I am always open to being corrected. If you ask me how I?m doing, don?t let me get away with a bad answer like ?fine? or ?okay?? But most of all, let me know how I interact with people, because one thing I know is that I get into my comfort zone, and I don?t leave it, even as much as I want to, I don?t, if all I do is talk to people I know, then how will I reach people for Christ. Okay, that?s all I have to say right now. I?m done.