The boy now…

The boy now…

He stands at the fragile edge of a new life.

Before him, a few doors to oppurtunity.

But for now he continues down the same dusty path.

This path has been the same for four years now.

Coming soon, a break in the path.

At the break he finds two doors,

one to adventure and obedience,

the other to cowardness and comfort.

He takes the steps to the door of adventure,

but he must wait and sit at it’s steps.

Until the resources are in, and the time is right.

For now his heart is to serve,

but at the same time he is too tired of the current path.

He has no motivation to continue down this path,

he would rather sit at the door of adventure and do nothing but ponder what is to come.

When he worships the creator,that is the only state of complete satisfaction for him.

He wants to stand at the edge of his throne and fall to his knees before the king.

He is frustrated that he has not taken the oppurtunities to teach others of Christ.

The boy wants to move on with his life, but life is not moving that fast.

The boy prays to God for peace, and wisdom in his decisions.

How much, how far, how fast, how will he do it.

God has called him to these things.

God has provided him with skills which produce the resources.

How can he use his skills to teach others of Christ.

When he returns from his adventure, what doors will be waiting to be knocked on.

Which ones will open?

Which one will he choose?

What school will he go to?

Who will he work for?

Who will be his friends?

What people will be in his life?

So many questions he has.

So many unanswered.

But he feels God’s spirit in him,

guiding him.

He knows what will happen,

the anxiety is strong,

but the will must be done.