A nightmare to be told. Sex, Scandal, and Life.

This is an actual dream/nightmare I had last night.

The scene: Some kind of ?Christian? retreat or conference (at least everyone involved were Christians in my life at the current moment). In some kind of mountain resort, but in the summer time, possibly in Canada? in a Hotel/Resort.

The people: All people I know in real life, but it involves different groups of people I?m involved with, but the groups are not associated with each other, therefore these people don?t know each other.

It?s the first night of our little ?retreat/conference? and before I know it, I?m having sex with one of the girls in our group, I don?t recall any details, I just know it happened (you know how dreams are). So after this little night of sin? about half the day goes by before everyone realizes that this girl has been murdered. Yeah that?s right murdered, so apparently I have a problem? The thing is? I didn?t murder her. For some silly reason everyone knows that I was with her the previous night, so of course everyone assumes that it was me who killed her.

After about what seems like 2 hours, the police and FBI (dreams sure are strange) determine through ?biological? evidence that I was with her the night before. I distinctly remember the sheets where my sin took place being held up for all to see, as in a really bad movie version of ?Clue?. What to do? well it turns out that after a whole lot of humiliation that the leader of the group (who is a real group leader in my life) is the one who killed her. Why? I don?t know. This is where I woke up? with all kinds of things going through my head?

What on Earth, In hell, or Heaven does this all mean?

I?m guessing either it?s what my life would have been had I not decided to follow Christ. Or what it will be like if I fall away? Wow bad stuff, good reminder? a little harsh? maybe? but I?m glad that I?ve decided to continue to follow him. Otherwise, my goodness!