So, I’m passionate, shoot me.

I want this place to provoke feelings, provoke thought, and provoke some life. That previous posting was to bring up something which really bothers me, it may have sounded insensitive, but it is something I truly believe other Christians need to hear. So this is my place, my place to say what I want, and how I want to, with out having to worry about people reacting in my face before they know my full story. God wasn?t always sensitive to people, that?s not my excuse, I?m not God, but I truly believe that sometimes you just have to hear it straight up. The things I say are mostly for Christians; obviously you can not say these things to ?pre-Christians? because they can not understand. I guess I?ll need to explain before I go off like I did, that what ever the subject, I am passionate, and sometimes this means I sound harsh. Come on people, we can?t always be nice. I am just a little sick of the ?you have to be nice? syndrome, it doesn?t get through to people, but most of all we have to realize that God Loves us, and everything in his book is to help us have a better life not take things from it.