Liberal Christianity

The line? What line?

English 101 and Math 99 ?learning? community: An English ?professor? from Yale; a math proff named Gregg.

Cascadia?s ?learning outcomes?:

Learn actively; yeah I learned actively, a quick passage from my English 101 book ?Flatland?:

?The greatest length or breadth of a full grown inhabitant of Flatland may be estimated at about eleven of your inches. Twelve inches may be regarded as maximum.

Our Women are Straight Lines.

Our Soldiers and Lowest Classes of Workmen are Triangles with two equal sides, each about eleven inches long, and a base or third side so short (often not exceeding half an inch) that they at their vertices a very sharp and formidable angle. Indeed when their bases are of the most degraded type (not more than the eighth part of an inch in size), they can hardly be distinguished from Straight Lines are Women; so extremely pointed are their vertices. With us, as with you, these Triangles are distinguished from others by being called Isosceles; and by this name I shall refer to them in the following pages.

Our Middle Class consists of Equilateral or Equal-Sided Triangles.

Our Professional Men and Gentlemen are Square (to which class I myself belong) and Five-Sided Figures or Pentagons.

Next above these come the Nobility, of whom there are several degrees?.

It is a law of Nature with us that a male child shall have one more side than his father, so that each generation shall raise (as a rule) one step in the scale of development and nobility.

But this rule applies not always to the Tradesmen, and still less often to the Soldiers, and to the Workmen; who indeed can hardly be said to deserve the name of human Figures, since they have not all their sides equal?

In some of the States there is an additional Law forbidding Females, under penalty of death, from walking or standing in any public place without moving their backs constantly from right to left so as to indicate their presence to those behind them; others oblige a Women, when traveling, to be followed by one of her sons, or servants, or by her husband; others confine Women altogether to their houses except during the religious festivals. But is has been found by the wisest of our Circles or Statesmen that the multiplication of restrictions on Females tends not only to debilitation and diminution of the race, but also to the increase of domestic murders to such an extent that a State loses more than it gains by a too prohibitive Code?.

Think Critically, Creatively & Reflectively: Okay, my critical analyses of this; this isn?t even close to a parable of the real world; creative analyses; this sure stretched my imagination; reflective analyses; this book made my head hurt.

Communicate, with Clarity & Originality: How?s this for Clarity and Originality; This learning community was a waste of my time, and caused me to just go nuts, not everyone is an abstract thinker, is not a college to cover all the learning abilities?

Interact, in diverse & Complex environments: This was certainly diverse and complex, diverse because I don?t think any of us in that classroom that quarter had ever experienced circles who were on top of the world and women who had to constantly move because they could hurt someone, nope I don?t think so. Complex, because math and English are so separate, and should remain so, you put them together and all you get is confusion. Each of us certainly interacted, because most of us were simply confused, annoyed, or not even interested in the entire ?learning community?.

This is what I get for going to a liberal college? A bunch of nonsense that only the extremists in our population would enjoy? No wonder our sometimes make bizarre decisions which lack common sense, they were taught too!

Here is what I do like about going to a secular liberal college:

1. The attempt to have educated conversations.

2. The ?community? of people, people are more accepting and open.

3. The fact that most are hypocritical when it comes to hearing about Jesus, that?s the one thing they are not open minded too. (this is where I want to make a difference)

4. Creativity is always accepted and respected.

What I don?t like I think is obvious from my take on my ?learning? community experience above.

Now what does this have to do with liberal Christianity? A lot, I believe that because of our schools (which many of our K-12 institutes fall into) have become too liberal. They have changed the minds of our future leaders into thinking certain unquestionable morals are now ?out dated?, but these students haven?t even second guessed this for themselves, these liberal colleges want us to actively think, but when we do outside of their box, it?s wrong. Instead we have to think so abstractly that it doesn?t apply to anything in our real lives. One thing I have not been taught in any school is that everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt; I didn?t learn any of this until I became a Christian, that?s because after knowing Christ I had a solid truth to stand on, to compare and analyze everything against.

I have been taught in the American institutions that truth is relative to what you know and experience. I have taken a lot of this into my relationship with Christ, and I have blurred the line between Christianity and liberalism. The problem, most ?traditional? Christians are not open enough, and most ?liberal? Christians are too open. In general I have not seen the general balance that Jesus taught in any of my education. I have followed his word, although it went against a lot of what I believed at the time, I stuck to it, because I found it to be more fulfilling than anything else I have ever tried. You?ve just got to try it, it?s hard, not easy, and you will be attacked by those who don?t understand. I believe that true Christianity fits the liberal ideas more than current liberalism fits; think about it.