I love the sun; it just makes me feel better. One of the nicest feelings is when it is a sunny Friday, you know what I mean? You get off work (for me that means finally leaving my office which has no windows), go outside the warmth of the sun hits my body, and I get giddy because I don?t have to work or go to school for two days! It means good times with friends, going out, and best of all worship and Bob on Sunday morning! I am always so ready for church on Sundays; I don?t know how I survived with out it before.

So last night I found that boy who was missing. I found him in the middle of worship at Young Adults last night, it was awesome. You know how I found him? I just released it all, I released all the crap in my life, and I gave it to God to handle. But instead of half heartedly saying “God, take all of this and do as you please” I put the expectation on God to handle it, I essentially screamed at him, it felt so good! And you know what? He took it, he took it all away, and I felt physically close to him more than I have in a while. This whole week has been exhausting but I know I can expect God to take care of those things. God is good.

Here are a few things I have learned in my short years of being with Christ.

    1) I can truly expect God to do things, this isn?t being blind this is having faith.

    2) Using both my emotions, my mind, and my initial instinct to follow Christ works the best. Essentially loving God with my Heart, Mind and Soul? and worshipping God with truth (mind) and Spirit (soul and emotions).

    3) Thinking of others and how you can positively affect them, instead of your self is positively the most rewarding thing I can ever do. This is by far the best thing we can do on Earth as Christians for other people.