Fellowship was the name of the game today. I love being around people, I love talking, hanging out, and just being real with a group of people who share the same common drive, Jesus. I love hanging out why my other “non-Jesus” friends, but they just don’t give me the same high as these guys. I love just feeling uplifted and loved. We don’t always agree on things, but we know how to communicate and show that even in the end, we still love each other. I’ve realized that to have fun, you just got to be your self, instead of trying to get attention or expecting people to talk to you, just talk to them, and be your self, ask questions. Lets just say today was very filling, even though I didn’t accomplish much, I did improve on relationships, and that my friends the most important thing in life. So a quick run down of my weekend….

Friday night Jordan Munoz @ Lauren’s AWESOME – Visit his website, awesome music! After that, at about 1am I decided to go catch up with Kyle, Ryan, Eric, Andy and Brandy. Where we watched Evolution (yeah, don’t ask) and Down Periscope… funnnnyyy.

Saturday Night – Slept in until noon, then Katy came over and we talked it was fun. Then we went to Pet Smart so I could buy some new fishies, then on our way back to my place, I got rear ended right across from the entrance to my place… but its okay, now all the damage on my bumper will be fixed (at no cost to me) because in Washington state all rear endings are by default the other person’s fault (whoever is in back). Put the fishies in my tank, then went off to John’s place for a Guy’s night, where John, Joel and I went to Billy McHale’s and had our selves some ribs, potatoes and other good stuff. Then we played games back at John’s place… fun stuff.

Sunday – Got up at 10am, went to Church (Bob was awesome, and sooo funny today) learned about the narrow path, about how narrow the Christian path really is. Then a bunch of us from the Young Adults group hung out the rest of the day. We first went to the Old Spaghetti Factory, then we went to Funtasia where we played mini-golf, then we went to the Edmunds waterfront, and talked and screwed around. Then we went to Tully’s in Edmunds where we were going to get something to eat and drink, but we didn’t instead a group of us waited in line for the bathroom for like 20 min, then they told us there was a bigger bathroom down the hall where we could actually relieve ourselves quickly. After that, we went to Brandy’s place, it was fun, we had pizza and played video games and talked and stuff, fun times. Then I went home, and found the desk in the corner of my room had been knocked over by, what else but the cats. All off my stuff was all over my floor, including my laptop, of which the wireless card was busted, thank God I had another one, and it’s working right now. Then Eric came home with Leah and we went to the hot tub, when we returned there were two people waiting at the top of the opposite stairs and they served Eric with papers from some lady who wants to sue him for some accident 3 years ago… whatever. Anyway now I’m here typing this… yay… God is good. I promise to have blog entries a little more deep than this, but this is what I’ve been feeling like doing so, this is what you’re getting.

PS. I’ve decided to use names now, but only in good context. Which means I have to use my judgement, so if I use a name in bad context please let me know i’ve misjudged, and i’ll remove the name/content/post. Thanks.