The Old Couple.

The old man lifts a wrinkled hand and strokes the old women’s gray hair. The old women lifts a wrinkled hand puts it on his left knee, to comfort him. Together they are one, one entity in which all has started. For together, they created all of which exists, they are the creator.

They longed for a relationship. Soon, they created the universe together. Both the old man and women created the universe, stretching them in such a way they would continue for ever, and ever. In this wonderful universe they created a special place, just for this relationship they longed for.

This place would be the planet Earth; on Earth the first creation in which they could have a relationship with was created. In their own image they created Adam, a human, something which could love, or hate them back. Adam was able to communicate with the old entity one on one. The creator asked Adam to name all the animals and have dominion over them, it was a beautiful site, and the old couple was very happy and pleased with their creation.

Soon after though, the creator decided it was not good for Adam to be alone. The old couple wanted Adam to have the same relationship they did. So, from Adam they created Eve. Eve was created in the same image as Adam. Eve was a helper to Adam as the creator was a helper to the two of them. Together they were also joined as one, having the same attributes as the old couple, for alone they could not accomplish this.

The old couple loved Adam and Eve with all their hearts. They called Adam and Eve their young creation, for they were joined together as one, just as the old couple. They instructed the earthly couple to use what they had given them. They also told them about the choices they could make, to live holy lives which would honor their creator, who longed for a loving relationship. The other choice was to know both good and evil. The creator did not want the creation to know this, because it would mean the relationship would be broken, and their creation would need to be taught the hard way, but because of their love, they gave this choice to the young creation.

The evil in the world, was about one day, and talked Eve into making this choice to know both good and evil. Eve was convinced and chose to know both good and evil. Adam did not stop Eve from making this choice, and so in essence Adam too made the choice, because they are one.

From here on, there was a separation between the creator and the created. But the creator moves on, and has a plan which is good, and would restore the relationship. The creator had many people do many things, so that one day; they (the creator) could finally repair this relationship, which is all they wanted.

So in time, they came down to Earth, in the human version of them self to repair the relationship. Because the Earthly culture had been so separated they had forgotten that both male and female were created in the image of the creator, neither male nor female is greater than the other, but the culture deemed men stronger, and wiser. Therefore the creator had to send a son, to repair the relationship, and make it sacred once again.

This son of theirs would live a life as the creator had commanded from the beginning. He would fulfill all the predictions of generations past. He would remain a mystery for years and years to come, because only he would truly repair the relationship with the creator for humanity’s sake.

The son was so radical, he claimed to be the son of the creator, to be the only way to be with the creator forever, he told the creation their was one narrow path, but the creation revolted against him, and killed him. But just as was predicted he rose from the dead; and with him brought the spirit of the creator to all who followed him, and to all who change their ways from that day forward. The relationship from that day can always be restored, just by accepting that the son died to recreate the original relationship and following the ways of the son of the old couple, of the creator.

The old couple now watch, cry, laugh, love, play, sing, listen, give, and take of their creation. They long for relationship with every single one of their creation, in such a way that they can personally guide and direct them, so that in the end of their Earthly lives they may never be separated again.