I love my home state.

So I decided to join a few of my friends in a “little” road trip to Kennewick, WA to see Jordan Munoz open for Delirious. Why? Because I love Jordan, and Delirious! So, for those who do not know how far Kennewick is from my home, which is in Woodinville, WA, it is about four hours going 75mph the entire way. We left Bothell (right next door to home) at about 3:30pm, and arrived at the Tri Cities coliseum at 7:30, right as they were introducing Jordan and the band. Jordan rocked the place, and a cool little surprise happened too… The worship pastor from my church played with Jordan and company one of my favorite worship songs, which he wrote, it was AMAZING… ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. People, do you understand what I mean? No I don’t think you do… God’s spirit was so incredibly strong; I felt like God had his arms wrapped right around us.

Delirious was awesome too of course, but that’s a given.

So, we decided to boogie it out of Kennewick, but my great older and wiser friend, Josh, decided to take “another way”… well we took another way… Nearly to Portland, OR! But God’s beauty, wonder, and power was so awesome out in the hills, and mountains of southern Washington. We counted more than 35 elk and deer along the way, at some points we were driving very carefully so as not to hit one of them. The stars were so incredibly bright… as soon as I get the picture I will post them. God was with us the entire night, I kid you not, right as I was praying for his protection so that we wouldn’t run into any of the deer or other woodland creatures, a small herd of deer crossed in front of us, but God totally saved the day. We ended up driving through Mt. Rainier national park, the very majestic mountain I see everyday just hovering it’s beauty over the city of Seattle… We were driving right on top of it (well at least, right around it). God, I love this place! It is so beautiful! God is so good, so good.