I need a serious accountability partner, one who is going to basically chew me up and down. One who can push me to be better, one who can physically get me moving, and keep me in line. This all stems from my lack of motivation and discipline, of which I basically have none. I become motivated only when it starts to mess with my everyday lifestyle. As for disciplined, I’m only disciplined when I have someone else to do go along with, either it be exercising, studying the bible, or simply getting up for work on time. These are some major areas I would like to improve upon, and I can’t do it alone, I’ve tried and I’m failing miserably… I need help, now.

-= prayer =-

Lord Jesus,

Remove Satan’s influence from my life, remove all evil from my friend’s lives, let your power reign over all of us, and with your power have the evil flee from this world, and your light shine. God you are awesome, you are glorious, you are the powerful one, and you are the king. Holy Spirit be an even stronger voice in my life, and in the lives of all of the people I meet and talk to. Lord, I ask for you to provide me with an accountability partner who will strongly keep me following you, and I ask for you to help me provide him that same straight path. Holy Spirit fan the flames with in my soul, take control, burn fire burn. I ask for forgiveness from the sins I have committed directly against you, and I thank you for your forgiveness, and I ask for you to continue changing me, refine me in your fire. I have a lot of work to do for Poland, Lord I ask for monetary support, and I ask that you help me over come the anxiety of leaving my friends and all I know here at home. God, I love you, fill me up, protect me and all around me, all I want to do is glorify you, help me be a reflection of your love and light and freedom you bring to my life. Thank you Lord.

In Jesus’ name,

So be it.