I know it’s been about four days since I’ve posted, sorry. I’ve been incredibly busy, but I’ve been learning a lot. I have a lot of planning and fundraising to do for Poland, and I have a lot of people I need to contact. Now that I’ve taken a small “vacation” from “normal” life, I’m going to hop back in at nearly full speed. I’ve got some things to take care of, like working harder at work, I need to talk to a couple of people about some serious stuff, and I need to really start a program of spiritual, physical and emotional workout. So, if you will, please pray for me, my friends and the relationships people seem to be getting themselves into, both friendships and more. Here is a quote I heard on Thursday, which I really really like; this is my memory recalling it so it is not verbatim, and I can not remember who said it:

“Love is serving, and fulfilling the needs of another person, and forgetting yourself. Lust is thinking only of what you can get from the other person, and expecting to receive something from another person.”Jesus loved, he did not lust.