Let the games begin.

Okay, so they are not really games, and they are not really competitive, but? I still have to get in shape for these games? What are these games? The games of life. Jesus told us to love the Lord, Our God, with all our Hearts (emotionally), Minds (educationally), and soul (spiritually). I have devised a system for myself to train my self in each of those areas. So what is a time with God and Travis going to look like?

20min of Push-ups and sit-ups ? This is to prepare myself for the educational area, plus a good workout always leaves me feeling more spiritual.

20min of reading the Bible/Christian readings ? This is the educational area, I think twice a week like Tuesdays and Thursdays I will read from some kind of Christian reading other than the bible, such as “The purpose driven life”.

20min of bike riding and listening to Worship/Christian music? This is the spiritual area and more physical activity to prepare me for the emotional activity, during this time I’ll listen to worship music and other Christian music w/ my cool MP3 player, this is actually the main reason I bought it, and I’ve never used it for this purpose.

20min of blogging ? This is the emotional activity, this is where I’ll write about what I really got out of my time with the Lord, this is the time I’ll truly see how I am suppose to do what he has said in this time. This is the time for me to open up and chew what I’ve eaten.

Total 80min w/ God? not bad, that’s like a class period in high school (we had a block schedule). Awesome, now I’ve got to actually stick to it, but because I’ve laid it out, I believe I can do it.