God is so awesome when you give him the time of day?

And that is exactly what I did today, I gave him time. Time for me and him to just communicate, its like talking on the phone with someone, you actually have to listen. This little “program” of mine is working out great? well it’s only been one day, but I have enjoyed it a lot! During my first session, I realized just how out of shape I am, which I think correlates with my lack of communication with God these days. Then I picked up “The Plot” it?s a book that a friend sent me, the idea is give you the overall “plot” of the Bible, and see just how small some of the details which we Christians argue about are. So far, it’s been really good, I’m only in the first chapter, but I like it, so I’ll continue it. My bike trip was fantastic, it felt so good, and I got to visit with my good friend Jen who was working at Tully’s, we talked while I cooled down with a milk shake. During my ride, I was able to truly think about life and pray to God while listening to Worship music of all kinds, my MP3 player decided to play some very old stuff, and instead of skipping it, I listened, and heard the beauty. Any worship is AWESOME worship as long as you are truly worshiping God. So, this God time, showed me how hard work and determination is going to be my next lesson in life. Amen for that.

PS. I still havn’t been upgraded to Dano… it sucks… I want it.