Release ourselves from the grips of human understanding.

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Is it even possible to go outside of human understanding? Can we even begin to understand God’s grace and mercy? I say to you yes, yes we can, because Christ came to free us, to free us from this human world, and to be with him. Here I am at the end of the wetlands catwalk on the UW Bothell/Cascadia campus, and I can hear humans all around me, but you know what I feel? The absolute presence of God, thousands of creatures are within throwing distance of me at this very moment. The wind is blowing, and as the saying goes, I can’t see the wind but I can feel the effects of the wind. I can’t see God, but I can feel the effects of God, and I can feel his absolute love. Nothing is relative for God. Nothing can take away that feeling, just like nothing can stop the wind from blowing.

I was reading 1st Timothy four, five and six earlier before I biked out here. The thing that jumped out at me was in chapter five. Paul was telling Tim about teachers and leaders in the church who would argue over the meaning of words, that’s how I feel lately. I feel like so many people are quibbling over minute details, and not seeing God’s great plan for us, for you, for all. Thankfully the piece of the body I fellowship with, understands this, and realizes when they are falling into this trap. I just pray for the body to begin coming together, and worshiping together as one true body. I don’t know if this is right or wrong, but I really feel like “false teachers” like the ones Paul talks about on a number of occasions should be pointed out, and made aware to the unbelievers, that these people do not serve the God of the universe. I’m not sure how, and like I said, I don’t eve know if it is right, but there seems to be so many of them, and they for sure are not leading people to God. My heart breaks for those who have been hurt by the “church”, by “pastors”, by “priests” by “Christians”. I do not want to be one of those, I am a Christ follower.