My soul rejoices!

I am so full of excitement right now! I am so meant to go to Poland I received a huge confirmation today, and basically yesterday too, although yesterday’s wasn’t much of one at the time. So let’s start from the beginning (yesterday).

Yesterday at work, I had a meeting with my supervisor at 10am; we went over some projects I need to get done, and some other work related things. After all of that, we moved onto the business of me, I needed him to write a letter to excuse me from Jury duty, and then we went onto the subject of my leave of absence request for one year so I could go to Poland. Well, he didn’t want to tell me this, but they (him, and the other administrators) decided to deny my request for the leave. The reason being that they felt they would not be able to higher someone of quality for a temporary position, which I understand, but the second reason was that “classified” employees (which is what I am, since I do not teach) are not normally given leaves ? Thanks for leading me on, and getting my hopes up, now I have four weeks to figure out how to resign and when. I had already made the decision that I was going to resign if they denied the request, but I guess I hadn’t really thought of it being a real option, so I reacted rather emotionally. But after talking to some great people, Leanne, Matt and Alexis all is okay, and I know that God is just leading me to other places. But of course it did put some scary insight into the future?

So today, I go to work, all is normal, I work on getting some of our servers back to working functionality, and I talked to Alex for a few hours while I hammered away at some problems with our middle school servers. It was a pretty good day. When I get home I realize that I haven’t received the email I normally receive from the Mission Dispatch people (the people handling my support money) with an update on supporters and deposits. I email him asking him what’s up? Then I go online to Washington Mutual’s online banker, which is where I have my Poland Missions account. I notice that a deposit of $3,600 was made yesterday! WOW! I figure that my letters to everybody, stating that it will only take $10/month for 12 months really worked, and people just donated the entire $120 for a year. Well I get a reply from the guy at Mission Dispatch as to who donated? and to my surprise only two checks were sent for the month of July. One from my old youth pastors for $100 (which in it self is awesome!)? and one from someone I use to be in youth group with, who has already donated, who I was never all that close to, donated $3,500! Praise the lord, but $3,500, if I had something to give I would, but I don’t! This is just amazing! God is amazing, and I realize that I am being blessed and guided just as I have been praying. Even though I am falling into sin, here and there, and I am far from perfect, God is still graceful and merciful! What do I do now? I’m looking for his phone number, and I’m going to type him up a special thank you letter, which I’ve been sending letters in the past to my supporters, but this is just unbelievable, not to mention he’s a College student at Northern Arizona University!

Even with this amazing donation I still need $5400 more dollars, or 45 people to donate $10/month for the year i’m away, or $120 flat.