Creation Pictures!

I have finally resized, and optimized all the pictures I took at Creation, this isn’t all of them, I took over 80 pictures! These are just the ones which came out right…

Click on a picture to get a larger version.

This is most of the group, from left to right- Eric, Lauren, Me, Brandie, Gregg, and Miles. I was just learning to use my camera and so this picture had the wrong settings of “landscape” on, so things up close were blurry.

This is Ashley and Lauren (R) (not the same as the one above… no really Travis…) silly girls, hiding from the sun.

Eric and Lauren, how cute.

Ladies, and Gentlemen, Jon Johnson, I had coffee with him today.

In the center with the orange vest is Josh, he was working on staff with Creation, as was Jon (from above). If you ever get to meet this boy, consider your self blessed.

This is Kyle going crazy to Pax217, he is Carly’s brother.

This is Lauren, Eric (open your eyes boy), and Brandie…

Here is Matt and Tisha, they both surprised me and showed up later in the week, also people to get to know!

Me and Tisha on the hillside.

Newsboys, as much as people are “tired” of them, I still love them. Not the greatest picture, but it was fun!

Another Newsboys picture, in between each song, one of the band members sang a verse or two of an old hym, it was beautiful.

All the people rocking out to Pax217!!! This one is for you, Alex! Wish you could’ve been there 🙂

A better picture of Pax217, on the jumbo tron.

This little guy landed on some kids soda can, and then decided to make his home on the Kid’s Dad’s hat, so there he stayed, and at the time of the picture he had been there for over a day, going with him wherever the hat’s owner went…. it’s a praying mantis for all you non-bugy type.

And now I present to you, SWITCHFOOT! They rocked, as usual, but no 24…. AGAIN!

A great picture of the Thirdday show. Which was a great show, and a great way to end Creation.

More thirdday, and God’s glory is going to blind all darkness, how rad is that?

The Toby Mac show, it rocked, the entire ampitheater!

See I told you so! Even the old guys!

Tree 63 – on the fringe stage… sad times, but a great show!

A view from the hillside of the Gorge ampitheater, God’s creation is magnificent!

Me on the hillside, the mainstage, and Pax217 rocki’n out. Check out the view again!

Another amazing view of the sun setting at the Gorge.

This is me trying out the delayed shutter option on my camera, now if I just had a tripod stand, it would’ve been great.

Worship time at Creation, one of the most amazing times of worship, 30,000 people all worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ!

More worship, God is amazing. Creation is just a hint, 1 billioninth of what God’s glory is like.