The Gospel told?

How many of us actually share the Gospel? I mean, really I do not think I have ever had anyone tell me the story of the Gospel? Yes, I have read it now but I have never told anyone. I am not suggesting we go around and stand on platforms yelling the Gospel at people, but I am suggesting maybe if people are truly interested and want to know about Jesus’ ministry, we actually sit down and go over it with them. We do not have to preach it, we do not have to force it down them, Jesus himself said he” came for those who knew they were sick, not for those who thought they already knew it all” [Matthew 9:13b]. I completely believe in living the Gospel out with our lives but I also believe there is a time to tell the Gospel too.

It took me three years to realize what the Gospel was really about, and now to this day, Matthew is my favorite book of the Bible, if I had known sooner, how different my life might have been! I think many people are simply too afraid to get out their Bible and tell someone; I know I am! I think the reason Jesus said he was “not here for those who thought they already knew it all” was that he knew those people would not listen, but the others would. I know when I was doing Campus Crusade ministry there were people who would never want me to talk to them directly from the Bible, and for those people I simply worked on a relationship; however their were others who I knew wanted to know more, and for them the Bible was a real life changing book.

I am realizing that for some strange reason I have not even given my friends here in Poland the opportunity to talk about the Bible. Of course, I have read out of it, but I have been too afraid to sit down and answer questions and read the wonderful life changing texts. I think a few of them would be more than open to really open it and talk about it, but first I want them to know the Gospel of just who is Jesus, and his Character. I do not mean going from the beginning of Matthew to the end of John, but I do mean starting with the birth and ending with the resurrection, and definitely including his ministry, it includes so much about life, every time I read it I get more out of it.

God is able to make you strong, just as the Good News says. It is the message about Jesus Christ and his plan for you Gentiles, a plan kept secret from the beginning of time. But now as the prophets foretold and as the eternal God has commanded, this message is made known to all Gentiles everywhere, so that they might believe and obey Christ. [Romans 16:24-25]