randomly rambling

I do not do random ramblings very much, in fact I do not remember the last time I did just ramble on. So many things have happened here in Zakopane since I arrived in September, not just things here, but things in my heart and my spirit too. The battles and triumphs are too many to count, but each one of them has changed me a little. Thank God that I can keep contact back home, not because I am home sick (although that does, has, and I know will happen more), but because I can stay aware of prayer needs back home. I have been able to use a few situations from home now, as a way of witnessing and showing how God’s culture works, and that it does not matter where you are, bad things happen to good people, bad things happen to God’s people, but only God can change those things, if we allow him.

I have seen so much, yet I have not acted on much of it. I am beginning to realize that one year here does no justice, for me or for the people here. However, I still have a strong calling to Seattle, but now that calling I believe will have a connection to Poland, not sure how, but I strongly believe in maintaining relationships, that I will do. I am so excited for things to come; I am no longer discouraged by the lack of “fruit” showing, like one of my commenters pointed out, some will sow, and others may nurture. Therefore, I will accomplish my roll, as long as I am honoring and praising God as I do it.

Although I have had almost zero communication with Alexis this week, I am even more in Love with her. I know that time alone, and silence between us does not lead to doubts or fears, instead it leads to confidence and reassurance we are living for the Lord. She sent a wonderful Christmas card to Carol and Denise, in fact, it was the first Christmas card that they have received this Christmas season, and yep that is my Alexis! I cannot wait to spend some time with her here, and make memories here in Poland; only the life of a Christ-follower, one that I do not deserve.

I am still struggling with some things