pride and stress

I hate pride, and I hate stress, the combination of the two is an explosion waiting to happen. The conditions were just right tonight to start world war three and pride and stress were the two active ingredients. I am the most productive when under or in a stressful situation. So, for me I personally was not stressed, and I did my best to not be prideful and allow the ideas of others to be tried out first, then I took my turn, but it seems that my ideas do not mean much under these circumstances. Everything is okay though, my pride was not hurt, it was under attack, but I did not fight back, fighting back would have done nothing to help the situation. I know three things that would have made the entire night much better: First, we should have prayed before the meeting for ourselves, and for the people who would come, second, we should have prayed with the group when the meeting started, and third, a time of worship in the beginning I believe would have defused some of the stresses of the day. I must remember to bring this up at our next leaders meeting, or else we will be doomed.

I hate it when I offer to do something (when I can see that the person is stressed and does not want to do it), such as clean the dishes, or some other chore, and then that person does it anyway. This really makes me feel worthless as if my offer meant nothing. It is one of the biggest pet peeves I have, and I really need to let everyone know this.

Please pray for the stress in everyone’s lives here to be defused. I have loved the last week, for most people it would have been a stressful week, for me it was great. I got many things done, except everyone else seems to have been burned out by it, and that makes me sad (for them) because no one wants to simply relax and hang out. I enjoy running errands, doing things on the computer for others, and simple other things, to make life less stressful, for others this is stressful, for me it is serving and gives me a feeling of accomplishment.