thank you for letting me ramble (as if you had a choice)

Thank God, he is so amazing and awesome; nothing right now would be possible with out him. I have had so many things in the last 48 hours go wrong, I do not see how people could claim God does not exist. Yes, I know that sounds backwards, but all of these things to go wrong are human wrongs, where it is clear someone along the way made a mistake (including myself), and the consequences are all coming out this weekend. It is okay though, I know God has the means planned, and I take refuge in that.

Right now as I type this, I bet Alexis is having lunch with Carol, I wonder how things are going. Unfortunately Carol won’t be barrowing my car because the Car Tabs I ordered through Washington State’s website, either did not reach my old apartment, or my old roommates have misplaced them, either way it bums me out. However, I know Carol will understand, I just want to know where they are, because I am sure it won’t be that easy to get replacements. I pray that Alexis is not overwhelmed as she was last night when I talked to her, both of us were very overwhelmed with everything. We said some things to each other which did not help anything (I was trying to “fix” the problem, and she was trying to “make” me listen) we had a very intense discussion, but those kinds of discussions are the building blocks of a strong relationship; in the end we were happy.

Has anyone else noticed anything strange with the U.S. postal service? My car tabs are apparently missing (my roommates say that they do not have them, so I am assuming they never go to the apartment, but there is a possibility they got there but someone thought it was junk mail, because it comes in something that looks like junk mail), the phone I ordered for Alexis has apparently not arrived at the apartment either (my roommates back home do not know anything about that either