finally a tour

Well I saw Carly’s apartment tour, and she fulfilled my request, here is my end of the deal now.

Travis and Chris’ Zakopane, Poland Flat
Since it was a bit cold out, all of these pictures are from inside. When you enter through our front door you will be greeted by the “entry hall”, “mud room”, or whatever else you want to call it.the entry hall Then you will go through yet another set of double doors, and up the small flight of stairs to the “foyer”. the foyer

Next you may see “the stairs with no rails”, these lead to Chris’ room. His room is small and cold, he decided to take it, thinking that “being American” I would expect a larger room, his room isn’t much smaller than the room I grew up in.

If you go back down and make a left, you’ll find yourself in the living room. It’s the biggest room, and it triples as the guest room, dinning room, and general purpose room. On sundays it is transformed into our church sanctuary. The baloons are left over from New Year’s, we will keep them up until we get some posters and poster board and put up encouraging verses, quotes, and pictures.

If you go back across the foyer (which is where are closets are too), you’ll enter the “kitchenette” as we call it. The kitchenette is huge! All of those dishes are from our upper room night the other night.

Right next door is the bathroom. the washer machine and toiletThe washer machine we didn’t have for almost two months! Thankfully our landlord paid for it in the end. Notice the shower does not have a shower curtain, and you can’t see it, but the door has a window (none of the others do, but of course the bathroom does), it’s sorta frosted, but makes me nervous.

If you go through the kitchen and go through the other door, you’ll be in my bedroom. It is huge, the biggest room I have ever lived in, and could easily be split in half for others to use. In the corner is our “dryer”, it means I have to actually plan my laundry.bedroom entry This is where all the blogger magic happens… I am such a hopless romantic… Each time I blow out a candle at night, I pray for someone, so one of those candles could be the answer to your prayers…

Now take a look at these temps… The first one is in Centigrade, the second one is Farenheit.

It’s COLD.

Look outside my window, at our steps and the chaple across the steet!

Well I hope this was a fun tour, please visit again. My next topic… something on the whole dating relationship scene, it seems many are just going crazy over it. Good night.

Listening to: I See You – Michael W. Smith – Worship Again