off to a wedding

Today I am going to a traditional Polish wedding, I am a little apprehensive because the girl I am accompanying does not speak much English. I am afraid I might do something embarrassing, or wrong, since it is going to be held in a Catholic church there are many traditional prayers, and other things, which I do not know about. The reception afterwards can last all the way into tomorrow morning, but thankfully, we can leave since we are not part of the family or close friends. Anna is the name of the girl I am going with, and she is only going because the bride is her boss, and if she does not go, it may not reflect too well, plus in Poland it is very embarrassing to go to a wedding with out a “date”. Anna has a boyfriend, but he is in Switzerland as part of an internship at another church we are connected with. So, I’ll be taking pictures, and I am sure the dancing afterwards will be fun. Thankfully it has warmed up a bit, it was -22 Centigrade last night, now it is a tropical -6. This will very much be a cultural experience.

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