Went to Krakow today, had lots of fun, we have a car for a week while Carol and Denise are in Switzerland… so we are going to use it as much as possible. Went snowboarding yesterday, mass fun, I “taught” Chris as much as I know… tomorrow we have an appointment with a local snowboarding instructor, should be real good. Chris really enjoyed it, so that makes me happy, should mean, more snowboarding for me. Alexis will be here in less than two weeks, I’m getting quite excited! For now… Real Life Trumps Blogging. I will post more in the morning, good night.

Quick note to my blogger friends (those who use blogger) please turn on your ATOM feeds, so I can “subscribe” to your site, so I know when you make an update, and so others can do the same. It will bring more traffic to your site too.