Purposeful friendship building

One of my main purposes for coming here to Poland was to build relationships. Friendship ministry is something that I think (at least in my experience) is not emphasized enough. It was through friends that I came to know who God truly was, and it has been through friends that I have seen the hands of God work the most. Large gatherings of people have their place, but I think people want real-life connections, people they can call on to hear their woes. People want other people to just listen, give advice, and sympathize. People are meant to be in relationship, we are meant to have close connections. Why do we have this deep need for connection? Because God has the same need, he created us to be in relationship with him. Since we are made in his image, we have the same need.

Creating relationships like those that I had back in Seattle has proven to be quite the challenge, here people create their friendships in primary school, and most live in the same city for their entire lives. Since the United States has a much more mobile, and liquid culture, I think it is easier to create strong life-long relationships in a shorter period, especially when in a healthy fellowship. I have come to realize that the connections I make here will need lots of work. I have already committed myself to coming at least every summer, as long as the Lord wills it to be done. I believe I can be a great ministry resource (being resourceful seems to be one of my gifts) to the people here.

Right now, I have $30 in my account, and about $100 in my pocket, and it needs to last for a month. The bills have been paid and the fridge and cupboards have food. I am rich in Jesus, and I have never run out of money since following God’s will. Although snowboarding may seem like a luxury it is through this snowboarding and skiing season that I have made quite a few connections with other young adults, both men and women, our young adults group should be seeing some new faces this coming Wednesday. I want people to know I came to be their friend, not to tell them about God, but to experience God with them.

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