Sermon time

Although I have known of the possibility that I would be giving tomorrow’s sermon (well today’s now) for a couple of weeks, and last Sunday it was confirmed, for some reason I thought I’d keep the news quiet. But now that it is finished, ready to be printed, I will let the world know. After I “deliver” it tomorrow, I will post a link to the contents, and a recording of it, if you wish to hear it. In fact, we will have recordings of all our sermons available shortly. I ask for prayer, this is my first “real” sermon to a church, but I have done similar things with Campus Crusade, and the youth group I worked with a few years ago. I have complete peace, and I am quite excited, I have no expectations for reactions though, because expectations just lead to disappointment. The only expectation I have is that God will speak his wisdom through me, and that my wisdom is not heard. The topic is “we are glorious” it is 100% inspired by John Eldredge’s book “Waking the Dead”, I thought it very appropriate since I myself have been having some issues with realizing that I am made good, glorious, and above all, a magnificent creation of our creator, and nothing less.

Father God,

I ask for the Enemy to be kept away from the people of our fellowship. I ask for your protection, for your light to remove all darkness, for your voice to be spoken. Be near oh God, your nearness is to us our good. I cry out, and I ask for your heart to break through tomorrow evening when I speak these words. I ask for your fullness to be known. I ask for your tender love to be heard but also for your burning fire and power to be felt too. I ask for the Enemy to be fought out of the lives of each person who is in that room tomorrow evening. I ask all these things in your son Jesus’ name. Make it so.

Listening to: Shane Barnard & Shane Everett – Be Near (Piano Mix) – Inpop Records – Cry Holy