All is well

Everything went well, as well as cross-cultural bilingual ministry can. I received a number of compliments, of which I know God is the only one to thank for that encouragement. I believe a number of people were touched, I was curious to see the reaction from some; they seemed to come alive with the prospect that they are truly made in God’s image. Unfortunately, I am not sure if the recording came out right, it says it only recorded 30 min, and I spoke for at least 40, so possibly the end was cut off. Usually I do the sound recording, so I am not quite sure what happened, but that is okay. I think I was emphasized the important points, and I received good feedback throughout, head nods, smiles, etc. I felt comfortable and the time flew by. I had one moment where my brain froze up, and I could not form the words I wanted, but everything was okay. Thanks for your prayers – good to all.

Listening to: The Beautiful Letdown – Switchfoot – The Beautiful Let Down