Dating creed – part four – foundations

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When I finally decided that I was through with “the hunt” and wanted to focus on my relationship with God, I also decided that when or if a young lady came my way, the relationship would have a strong foundation. I had seen enough of my friends get extremely hurt mostly because their relationships had no foundation; it was just a “hunt” for sport, instead of survival. I did not want to be hurt, or hurt anyone else; I was going to seek a relationship that would survive, because it would have a foundation and purpose.

After Alexis and I admitted to each other that we had a “special” feeling towards each other, I knew I had to pray it over. This was not just a simple “ask” kind of prayer. It was a prayer of pure servant-hood, above all other things I am a servant to God, if I forget this truth, than I fail to see his blessings in my life. I submitted our feelings to him, and sought for clear guidance. The guidance came through the complete sense of peace, and the answer to the most important question, “what about Poland”. I could not help myself from smiling when I asked, because deep down I knew the answer “I don’t have a single problem with it, in fact, it attracts me to you”.

However, I needed to do one more thing; I had to seek the “sanction” of someone close to Alexis. In her case, it was her brother, a man of God, and as a brother should be, protective (in the best way). I called him as soon as I could, told him I wanted to talk to him, go out for some coffee at Starbucks. He knew something was up, I think God was already working things out. We went for Coffee, and I said “Alexis and I have admitted to seeking a deeper relationship”, he said “Alexis, my sister, Alexis?”, I said “yes, your sister”. I could tell he was surprised, but at the same time he was content. I asked for his approval to court his sister, he was very honored, and appreciated the fact I would ask him, then we went down to the beach and prayed as the sun set. I called Alexis, and told her the news, Eric was honored, and very much approved, he said “Out of all the guys we know, you are the only I can say I am proud to have dating my sister”. God is the cornerstone of our relationship, that night the foundation started, and the blessings were already taking shape.

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