Extremely discouraged

In a few hours, our young adults group is suppose to be meeting, but from what I hear, not many are coming for some reason or another. Right now, everything seems very dark, and I know there are other forces at work here, be they human or spiritually dark. I really feel like yelling at some people, I want to tell them how much it hurts for me to see them under the darkness. Tonight we are suppose to write some letters of encouragement, and words of encouragement to adorn the walls of our living room (also the main meeting room). Personally I feel as strong as ever, God has really worked in me, and I have full trust in him. But the other young adults, I don’t know, I am at a loss of words, I love them, but I just don’t see any love in most of them (there are three who love the Lord, but really haven’t stepped forward in listening to him), they let others control them, and they only see me as a “good guy”. My heart cries out, but I just don’t know what to do. Please simply pray from your heart for them, pray I have some kind of words. The latest excuse is “religion is personal, why do you ask so many questions” this hurt me so much, its like the door was slammed.