Technical difficulties

Please excuse the interruption, but due to technical difficulties your regularly scheduled posting will not be seen today.

I am having some very strange problems with w.bloggar and newsgator, and it is annoying me to death. I had a good post about what I did today, but lost it when w.bloggar decided to give me the error message “Unable to parse the XML response. Parser Reason: Required white space was missing.” Could someone tell me what that means? Then there is newsgator, it’s been wonderful, but now for the last week it has not shown me any new posts from any of the 60 or so blogs I am subscribed to, also very annoying and frustrating. Computer issues are the last thing I want right now, and to think I use to do this for a living, oh my.

Update:I downloaded the new version of newsgator and everything works great now, I had to resubscribe to all my blogs, but in the process I subscribed to some more blogger ones. Thanks to all the good boys and girls who turned on their feeds for blogger, some of my friends still have not. But the w.bloggar problem is still happening, and as I understand other’s are having the same problem, so that makes me feel better.

Update 2: Amen to rick at rick & 1j13 for giving me a little tip in my comments. W.Bloggar now works again! YAY.