Thank God the weekend is here

I’ll be picking up Carol and Denise from the airport (they went to Switzerland for a vacation) at 2:40pm tomorrow (later today). I’m just happy it’s the weekend. It’s a crazy 50F 10C outside right now! It hasn’t been that “warm” since early October, it’s darn right tropical! I have some very awesome conversations with a good friend back home, he’s currently in Bible college in Portland, and I love him, he’s an amazing encouragment.

In other news, I spent most of the day with some of the girls (we don’t have any guys except Chris and I, and Chris went to England yesterday for a conference) from the group today. It was a lot of fun, great relationship building time, God told me to bring my Bible, not sure why, I didn’t take it out, nor did we talk about spiritual things, but maybe it’s to remind me to take it everywhere. Well, be blessed.