Two days

Only two more days until Alexis is here! What does one do with such an occasion? Does anyone else out there have any advice? I’m working on a surprise, and because she reads this, I won’t say anything about it until I know she has left Seattle. There are so many places to go, things to see, and most of all many people to meet. Everyday I am blown away by the grace God has given me, my life right now seems completely unreal. Five years ago, I was just beginning to explore this whole “God” thing. Five years ago, I was dreaming about being in the marching band for the University of Washington! I still like that little dream, but now the Lord directs my heart, and my heart has moved on. The change in my life cannot be summed up in a short web log post; however, I know that many changes lie ahead and God will be faithful until the end of my time on Earth, and then afterwards the real party starts. I’m saying all of this because it just seems incredible to me that God has provided a way not just for me to be in Poland, but for Alexis to come too! Its amazing, and that’s that. What to do, Lord, it’s you I live for.

Listening to: Silence – Jars of Clay – The Eleventh Hour