Hot water anyone?

Could I please have some hot water? I have been up since about 10 this morning, and since 10 I have been waiting for the hot water to heat up! I have tried at least three times to take a shower, and all three times the water has been barely lukewarm. So now I am going to try again, wish me luck.

In other news I just got off the phone, with a certain Miss. Alexis, she is boarding her plain to Washington, DC as I type this. She will take off in about a half hour, and then give me another ring in 4-5 hours when she arrives at Dulles (she wasn’t sure how long it was, and it didn’t say on her tickets). Exciting times ahead! Less than 24 hours!

Update: Just got off the phone again with Alexis, she is now boarding the plane in Dulles (Washington, DC) and will arrive in Vienna in about 10 hours! I’ll be hearing from her just in time for me to take a shower and get ready to pick her up.

Listening to: Breakfast – Newsboys – Shine…The Hits