Pain and Suffering

Imagine a place without pain or suffering. How wonderful life will be in heaven! As much as we try to prevent suffering and pain here, we will never be able to. We will never be able to prevent pain and suffering because Satan will always be tempting and influencing people to sin and do evil things. I hear people always asking “if God is good, then why does he allow this, this, and that to happen?” until coming here to Poland I did not have much of an answer. Now I have an answer, because if there were no suffering (if there were no Satan, no sin, and no evil) why would we need God? God created us because he yearned to be in a loving relationship. Without love, there is no life. Without suffering, there is no choice. If God did not allow his creation to choose, such as Satan’s choice of seeking to be “as God”, then we would only be as a chair, a table, a microwave, just something else with out choice. However, God is good, he gave us the choice so that we could TRULY love him, love is a choice, and we choose to love.

So why do even “believers” have to endure pain and suffering? For the same reason, if God protected every one from suffering there would be no blessing. Because of the choice Adam and Eve made in the beginning of time all of the human race must endure suffering and pain, because the “tree of knowledge” gave us the knowledge of good and evil, it brought us suffering and pain, which is the knowledge of evil.

Listening to: Love Me Good – Michael W. Smith – Second Decade 1993-2003