Oil & Water

Just as a drop of oil does not dissolve into water, we should not dissolve into the world; and as oil remains in water but does not mix with the water, we should not mix with the world but simply remain in it. This is the image I have concerning the recent news on same-sex marriages. I feel it is time for another viewpoint. I am not admitting defeat; rather I am proposing another strategy, one that keeps our integrity without fighting. I suggest the United States abolish government sanctioned marriage all together, leave marriage up to the people to decide. Give “household” tax benefits based on the number of people in one household, rather than marital status. Let the people become “tied” by whatever means they wish, have it be in a traditional church, a “spiritual” meeting place, or any other way conceivable.

I am suggesting this because I believe instead of fighting for “traditional” marriages, we should focus our attention on creating Godly households, especially since the statistics show that the divorce rate inside and outside “the church” (Christian denominations) is nearly the same. Yes, I can see many people take advantage of this kind of system, and many inmoral relationships and acts will occur. I would hope parents would instill some basic morals, not the government. But it is only by our actions, how our households look, and the people who see those things, will we ever make an impact in this area for Christ. Not laws, rules, regulations.

Besides, who really wants the government in their marriage anyway? As a Christian I will obey whatever laws are passed in my land, as long as it does not force me to deny my morals and faith in Jesus. However, as a Christian I will also live my life loud, I will gladly live as a fish in a fish tank, for everyone to watch, I am that confident. I do not need the Government to tell me what marriage is, and neither does anyone else. I will choose to be married in God’s authority, and live a life which reflects love for others and God.

Listening to: The Edge of Water – Jars of Clay – The Eleventh Hour