That’s all I have to say

I apologize that this is a little random and not very coherent, but I hope you see the point. Now for some of the problems with my proposed “solution” to the same-sex marriage fiasco. But first why I don’t like the idea of “civil unions”, what is the difference between that and a marriage? Marriages are sanctioned by the church, and civil unions by the state? I suppose that is okay, but it still puts the government into a place of granting us certain rights (in this case tax benefits) for a status of weather we are “connected” with another human. I do agree that the Government should promote some kind of moral system; however, it appears that the current governmental system is slipping the other way, so instead of leaving it to the government to decide what marriage is, give it to the people, and lave the state out of it.

However, there are some issues with taking the government out of the marriage spectrum, such as divorce, who gets what? Child custody, it is already a messy situation, if we were to get rid of government sanctioned marriage, who’s to say what a family is? Basically I think its time for everyone to stop arguing about the marriage issue, and look at the heart issue. Do I think same-sex marriage relationships (including marriages) are wrong? Yes. However, because it appears the government (especially the judicial system) does not see it as wrong, we should just get rid of the government in that part of our lives. It’s either that, or fight until the end and hurt people along the way. I would rather love people into living a life which is completely fulfilling and glorifying to God, than fighting them. I would rather see a homosexual person see the wonderful life God gives to me and my future wife and family, and in turn he/she makes the decision to love God, and let the Holy Spirit do the work, instead of me, because I can not, and neither can anyone else.