Encouragement needed

I am feeling sweet and sour right now. On one hand the spiritual emptiness, I had been feeling for a while has fled, after I finally gave up some more stuff. However, on the other hand, I neglected some other areas, in my mind I want to justify the neglection because I was under the influence of the spiritual emptiness and I had no way of explaining in spoken words how I was feeling. I have always been more able to explain my feelings in writing rather than spoken words, but I realize I need to be able to say something, instead of stuffing it all inside and waiting for me to be all alone with a pad of paper. My actions have hurt people, and I do not know what to do. It is getting extremely hard here, unfortunately I see know way of resolving the problem before this day ends, I am hurting inside with no one to talk to.

Thank God, my spirit was renewed before this situation came about, otherwise I know I would be calling the airline and running home.

Listening to: Here I Am to Worship – Michael W. Smith – Worship Again