Ryan is here

So, last night Alexis and I picked up my friend Ryan, it took us almost four hours to reach the airport because the traffic was horrible. However, he is an incredible breath of fresh air; it is amazing how nice it is just to have someone from the same culture, and really laid back. Tomorrow we will be traveling a bit in our area in search of cool things to take pictures of; one item on our list is to visit one of the castles in this area. The castle has a nice restaurant where Alexis, Ryan and I will have a nice lunch. Later in the day, I have to teach English, and then afterwards I am not sure what we will do, probably explore a bit of Zakopane, talk, and then I might have something a little more spiritual to write about.

The weekend was great, there is a lot to write about in regards to our trip to the western part of Poland. Wroclaw was amazing; Alexis and I had a great time, and some great Italian food. The city is absolutely beautiful, but of course I forgot my camera, I always do when we do something cool. Ryan does not, so I shall have plenty of pictures when it is all good. A good point of prayer would be for the pasturing couple we visited near Wroclaw, they are in the middle of a very hard situation right now, and support is weak in the denomination they belong too. The situation is so damaging not only to the pastors, but also to the people in the church, I will have more later.

Thank you all for your prayers in the last few weeks, things have been really tuff, but now life seems to be getting brighter. Last night a friend of one of our young adult ladies accepted Jesus! That is great news, keep her in your prayers. My paradigm is shifting, and I know it is God shifting it, thank you again for your prayers.