Heading out.

Tomorrow morning (in less than 8 hours) Alexis, Me, Carol and Denise will be heading out towards the Polish city of Wrotslaw. We will be meeting with a pastor couple in a city 60 Kilometers east of Wrotslaw, on Saturday while Carol and Denise meet with the pasturing couple, Alexis and I will be visiting Wrotslaw, which use to be a part of Germany before World War I. I am seriously hoping that this time together will allow us the opportunity to talk and get to know each other on another level. We will be back on Sunday evening, the 29th, just in time for our eight month “aniversary”.

The past two weeks have been far from a fairy tale, thankfully not a day go by without solving whatever comes up, and that I believe is a very good thing. Both of us are frustrated because we want to feel that we have friends here, we want to feel appreciated by the people our age here. I know it has only been two weeks for Alexis, and that is a short time to “make friends” anywhere, but at least we want to be included. I have noticed the social network is not the same as in America; they just take more time and usually happen from childhood. I know all about waiting for fruit now, I know I need patience, I am not talking about “fruit”, I am talking about just having friends, weather or not they find Jesus, is not what I am concerned about, that is God’s job, and he will use us. I don’t know, I am just ranting and raving, once again if I think too hard, I think I will start crying. The good news is that Alexis and I have all the same feelings and concerns about the situation here, which tells me God is in control, and that is pure comfort, praise God. Maybe we are just in the middle of the fairy tale?

Listening to: How Deep the Father’s Love for Us – Sarah Sadler – I Could Sing of Your Love Forever, Vol. 2 Disc 1