Making an impact

When I think about making an impact all kinds of thoughts and images come to mind. The only impact I want to see is the hearts of people change, to see them living a fully changed life, a life that serves the needs of others. God calls all of his believers to be salt to the world, salt in biblical times was used as a preservative, if all who I am is a preservative then I am happy to be. The reason I want these things is that God wants these things. Believe me before I truly knew who God was and allowed him into my life, I had no desire to serve others. He wants the world restored to glory, but because he loves us so much he is letting us do the restoring, some may think that is stupid, I choose to think of it as love. I believe people are mostly good because God created us that way, and because he created us that way I believe we can all make a positive difference, even those who choose not to believe, hopefully they will see God’s love in me, and look to God. Even Paul the apostle wrote that “outsiders” should know who we are by the love we show for each other and for God; unfortunately I do not think most Christian’s are known for the “love they show.”